PennFIRST Patient Pavilion Parking Structure

An underground parking structure would typically be constructed as a cast-in-place, monolithic structure, but Shockey Precast engineers offered a new twist to the design: cast-in-place concrete emulation with precast elements. The PennFIRST Patient Pavilion Parking Structure was designed and detailed to meet the requirements of the applicable building code as if it were to be constructed of monolithic cast-in-place reinforced concrete; however, the structure was divided into structural elements of sizes and shapes that Shockey Precast could plant fabricate, transport, and safely and efficiently erect onsite.

Project Details

  • Name PennFIRST Patient Pavilion Parking Structure
  • Location Philadelphia, PA
  • Owner The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, as owner and operator of Pennsylvania Health System
  • Architect HDR Architecture
  • GC L.F. Driscoll/Balfour Beatty, a Joint Venture