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Industrial Construction, Manufacturing & Distribution

Precast construction offers a unique solution for industrial construction.

Precast building systems integrate seamlessly with new and existing industrial facilities. And, thanks to its durability and cost efficiency, precast construction offers flexibility in design and greater speed in construction.

The Shockey Precast team is here to help you maximize the benefits of precast concrete. With extensive experience, a passion for service, and an extraordinary team of professionals, Shockey Precast is dedicated to your success. 

Why Shockey Precast for Manufacturing & Distribution Centers?

Perfect for warehouses, distribution facilities, and other industrial construction, precast concrete offers flexibility in adding structural and architectural elements. Integrating these elements into your precast project saves time, materials, and costs. Shockey Precast is on your side, ensuring you get the best design and materials for your project.

With a variety of architectural finishes and colors, precast industrial construction allows for flexibility in design
Precast concrete protects against natural and man-made disasters. It’s naturally fire-resistant and strong enough to protect against earthquakes, external explosions, and storms. Protect the people and items inside your buildings with concrete precast construction.

Industrial construction demands efficiency at every step. Precast concrete provides the fastest, most efficient building system available. Shockey Precast helps keep your project on track with efficient timelines, a proven process, and high-quality materials.

Precast concrete buildings are naturally low-maintenance. There’s no risk of rotting or rust, and there’s no need to paint. Because precast uses fewer joints than other types of construction, there is a reduced risk of air and water leaks.

The continuous air and vapor barrier provided by precast concrete saves energy and helps meet building efficiency standards. Shockey Precast is here to help you maximize your energy savings and the return on your investment.

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