Structural Precast

Structural Precast

Durability, sustainability, strength, functionality—structural precast panels and components offer numerous advantages. You’ll reap the benefits during the construction process and as you use your structure.
Shockey Structural Precast

Shockey Precast Double TeesHistorically used in parking construction, precast double tees are becoming increasingly popular in other projects as well. They are often integrated into building envelopes and used in floor and roof systems. Shockey Precast offers short spans of 30’ and 40’, clear spans of over 100’ (useful in large buildings like pools, gyms, and cafeterias), and everything in between. Our double tees offer resistance to fire, time savings, and sustainability.

MetroDeck SystemThe MetroDeck precast, prestressed concrete framing system has been in our repertoire for over 15 years. The MetroDeck system offers a floor and roof product that is rooted in sound engineering principles and practice. The thin floor plate design can outperform commercially available systems. Typically, wet-cast floor and roof components are 9.5” to 16” deep. The typical width is 12’, but the components can be up to 13’4” wide. Components can be integrated with precast/prestressed load-bearing walls, columns, and beams. The result is a framing system that’s ideal for a project of any size.

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Shockey Wall PanelsPrecast concrete panels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Typically, wall panels are 10’, 12’, or 13’4” wide, but they are available in custom widths as well. Precast wall panels tend to be between 10’ and 50’ in height, useful in building three-level structures. Wall panels can be multi-stacked to achieve more than 120’ in height. Thermal efficiency can be increased with insulation. With CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels, we can achieve full composite action. Continuous insulation maximizes energy savings.

A variety of exterior finishes is available. Projects can make use of reveals, cast-in brick, formliners, sandblasting, and custom-mix designs to achieve the desired effects.

Shockey SpandrelsWe have multiple shapes and sizes of spandrel available to accommodate your design. Typically used in total precast office buildings and parking garages, spandrels are generally 30′, 36′, 40′, or 48′ long with other lengths available. They are typically 72″ or 76″ high. Cast-in brick, reveals, sandblasting, formliners, and custom mix designs may be used as exterior finishes.

CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding allows continuous insulation, improving thermal efficiency and increasing energy savings.

Shockey ColumnsPrecast concrete offers a variety of column types and sizes. In parking garages, total precast buildings, schools, office buildings, and mixed-use buildings often make use of square and rectangular columns in concert with beams and spandrels. Cast-in brick, formliners, sandblasting, reveals may be used in exterior finishes, or choose custom mix designs to achieve a particular look.

Shockey BeamsPrecast beams are often used to transfer loads from precast floors and roofs to columns. Inverted tee (IT), L-shaped (LB), and rectangular (RB) beams are available in multiple shapes and sizes.
Shockey Precast is here to guide you and help bring your vision to life. We’ll assist you throughout your project to help you get the durable, sustainable solutions you need for your project.

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