Locks Tower

Richmond, VA
Walter Parks
KBS, Inc.

Project Overview

Located at East Byrd and South 10th streets in the Locks development, the 12-story Locks Tower apartment building is the first total precast building in downtown Richmond.

With 11 precast levels, the 301,814-SF MetroDeck System structure features 237 Market Rate apartments, a two-story steel penthouse, and an indoor/outdoor amenity level with a swimming pool on the 10th floor. The structure also includes precast parking levels, partially inside the tower and 12,000 SF of commercial space on the first level.

For Metromont, Locks Tower was an opportunity to showcase the versatility and performance of its total precast structures. Metromont developed the project’s initial design directly with the owner’s architect at the request of the owner. The MetroDeck System’s cost efficiency and speed of construction played a significant role in the owner’s desire for a precast building.

Metromont provided a total precast complete building envelope (except roofing and glass), including an architectural precast finish and paintable interior finish on precast walls. The project included several unique aspects, including an architectural finish on the transfer beams and a pool over the residences rather than on the parking deck.

Produced in Metromont’s Richmond plant, Locks Tower is the sixth and tallest building in the Locks development. The other buildings, predominantly historic, are three stories and five stories tall. The white color precast and non-brick façade of the Locks Tower are unique features for Richmond architecture, but reflect the luxury aesthetic of its targeted demographic.

Project Details

11 total precast concrete levels
301,814-SF MetroDeck System
10th floor indoor/outdoor amenity level with swimming pool over residences.

Architectural Details & Finishes

White-colored architectural concrete mix
Smooth, paint-ready finish on interior

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"Metromont was an excellent partner and worked seamlessly, closely to collaborate almost as an extension of our design team. It’s incredible how quickly it all came together.”
Scott Johnston
AIA Johnston Design Group
"The precast concrete design was able to meet the stringent performance requirements of the structure while providing an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable final product at an affordable price point."
Ben Townes
Townes + Architects
"Metromont’s team embraced our idea and got their whole team on board. It’s one thing for sales managers to want to make architects happy, but to have the plant manager, the finishing crew foreman and engineers fully engaged is something else. Metromont was extremely cooperative – the project was a win-win for everyone.”
K.J. Jacobs, AIA
McMillan Pazdan Smith

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