Precast Concrete for Multifamily Construction

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Cornell University Student Housing

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The Standard at State College

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Hospitality and Multifamily Construction

Shockey Precast is your partner in multifamily and hospitality construction.

Hotels, multifamily homes, and dormitories need optimized design, strong materials, and careful construction. You can rely on Shockey Precast to provide the support you need in building a well-planned residential structure that lasts.

Why Shockey Precast for Multifamily Construction?

Precast concrete stands up to damage caused by nature, everyday use, and abuse.

Precast systems allow flexibility in design. When you integrate structural and architectural elements, you reduce complexity and costs. A vast array of finishes and colors makes your design even more customizable. Shockey Precast stands ready to help with design and customization.

Precast is ultra-durable and never rots or rusts. In most cases, it doesn’t require painting. Because precast uses fewer joints than other types of construction, there is a reduced risk of air and water leaks. The face-sealed system means the walls don’t have cavities that may harbor moisture and mold.

Precast concrete protects against disasters, both natural and man-made. It resists damage from fire, earthquakes, extreme weather, and external explosions. It enhances comfort with efficient sound insulation. Shockey Precast is here to make sure your multifamily construction does what you need it to do.

The air and vapor barrier created by precast concrete walls can save energy and help your project meet energy efficiency standards. Edge-to-edge, continuous insulation reduces operating costs throughout the building’s lifetime.

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