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MetroDeck System

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What is the MetroDeck System?

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The MetroDeck Building System is a precast solution designed for hospitality and multifamily projects. This complete, customizable system provides numerous advantages, including shorter construction schedules and reduced costs.

Benefits To Our Customers

With the MetroDeck System, our clients see shorter project timelines, reduced construction costs, reduced risk, and substantial energy savings over the life of the building.

Metrodeck System Benefits to Our Customers

The MetroDeck System allows parallel construction, which makes consecutive schedules a thing of the past. We build your precast concrete slabs, precast concrete wall panels, and the other components of your project even as you’re breaking ground.

Assembly can begin as soon as the components are finished, and on-site construction can happen even during the winter. Installation is fast, reducing costs and timelines. Our clients are generally able to open the building to other trades, such as electricians, carpenters, and plumbers, four to five weeks after construction begins.

  • GSU — 1,152 beds, 14 months from groundbreaking to move-in
  • NOVA SE Student Housing — 315,000 GSF MetroDeck System, 7-story midrise. 14 months from groundbreaking to move-in.
  • The Metropolitan at State College – 12-story total precast, 14 months from groundbreaking to move-in. 5 months precast assembly in harsh winter weather.
  • The Standard at State College — 290,000 GSF, 10-story total precast residential, erected in 6 months through harsh winter weather.
  • Cascades Multifamily — 8-story, 388,317 GSF erected in 6 months.

Precast concrete slabs come with cost savings associated with materials usage, time, and energy savings. With the MetroDeck system, Shockey Precast can save you even more. By bringing us in on your project as early as possible, we can provide guidance and information from the beginning. As the project progresses, we keep track of all costs and work with you to keep your project on budget.

Precast concrete wall panels store energy and insulate well, reducing the impact of external weather on your climate control systems. The energy savings associated with precast mean reduced operation costs, and the savings add up over the lifetime of the building.

Our roots in construction go back to 1895, and we’ve been building with precast concrete for over 60 years. As a longstanding leader in business, industrial, and residential construction, we’ve developed quality relationships in the industry. Shockey Precast is an established, trusted organization, and our clients choose to partner with us again and again. When you partner with us, we keep your project on track and keep your risks in check.

How Metrodeck System Works

How It Works

Our fully customizable flat-slab system includes insulation of extraordinary quality. Partner with us to make sure your project starts with the best possible design.

  • Interior wythe typically 4-inch, interior face typically painted or left with sealer. No need to furr out the wall.
  • Typically, 4 inches of EPS insulation, but we can increase or use XPS and or both.
  • C-GRID® carbon fiber grid: non-conducting carbon fibers connect the two wythes together to form a composite 11-inch panel.
  • Exterior 3-inch skin incorporates architectural concrete and brick and formliners as required. Sandblast finishes are included, as well as some reveals.
  • Per ASHRAE 90.1 panel exceed mass wall continuous insulation R values throughout the US. 

  • Depth is adjustable based on span.
  • Concrete beam: spacing the number can be moved to accommodate MEP. Note prestress strand is located only at the base of beams.
  • Bottom deck is only 2 inches. So easy for coring
  • Nominal width can be up to 14 feet.
  • MetroDeck System joints will typically be hidden by partition walls.
  • The location of internal beams can be moved, and one of the exterior beams can be penetrated for ease of MEP coordination. 

MetroDeck System Projects

Shockey Precast has created MetroDeck system projects in hospitality, multifamily housing, and student housing. Here are some of our MetroDeck projects.

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Locks Tower

Richmond, VA

South Falls Towers and Garage

Richmond, VA

The Metropolitan

State College, PA

The Standard at State College

State College, PA

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For more information about our total precast systems, CarbonCast reinforced insulated precast wall panels, and other topics related to precast, please explore these helpful resources.

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