Reston Arboretum Parking Garage

At only 2.5 levels and 51,192 SF, the Reston Arboretum Parking Garage in Reston, VA may be small, but the project offered both big challenges and big successes for Shockey Precast and the Project Team. Precast was specified at the beginning of the design process to accommodate the project’s aggressive schedule and to realize DNC Architect’s unique vision for the garage’s exterior finish. To complement the adjacent Reston Arboretum office building, which features an exterior that includes several shades of taupe, the architect specified the darkest shade of taupe Shockey Precast was able to produce. To achieve the desired finish and color, we used a dark taupe-colored dye in the concrete mix for the architectural face. The result is an exterior finish that beautifully complements the original Reston Arboretum office building.  

Site access had the potential to cause delays, as the garage’s small footprint meant there wasn’t room onsite for Shockey Precast to stage loads in preparation for delivery and erection of the 231 precast pieces. The tight site posed a big challenge, but we were able to utilize another nearby jobsite to stage loads for delivery to the Reston Arboretum parking garage jobsite. By coordinating an offsite staging location that allowed us to call the trailers to the jobsite as needed, Shockey Precast maintained a smooth construction flow. Precast erection was completed in just 17 crane days, with an amazing erection average of 15 precast pieces per day! Shockey Precast completed erection of the garage four days ahead of schedule and delivered a structure that met the owner’s schedule and realized the architect’s aesthetic vision. The garage provides approximately 340 parking spaces for associates at the adjacent office building. 

Project Details

  • Name Reston Arboretum Parking Garage
  • Location North Bethesda, MD
  • Owner The JBG Companies  
  • Architects  DNC Architects, Inc. 
  • General Contractor Hensel Phelps  
  • Size 2.5 levels and 51,192 SQF