Martha Jefferson Hospital PS

Featured in PCI’s Winter 2015 issue of Ascent magazine, The Martha Jefferson Hospital parking structure measures three bays wide and six stories tall, providing 765 parking spaces in the approximately 250,000 SF building. Surrounded by structures with brick facades blended with dark grey cast stone, the parking structure was designed to feature a dark brown wood paneling look, as well as cast stone and brick features. To match the architectural elements of the hospital, and comply with the owner’s desire to use the same full brick used on the hospital, The Shockey Precast Group had the full brick cut in half so it could be used in the form liner. The finished parking structure blended beautifully with the architecture of the adjacent buildings, and the owner was pleased that all of the finishes on the hospital could be applied using a precast structure.

Project Details

  • Name Martha Jefferson Hospital Parking Structure
  • Location Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Owner Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • Architect Kahler Slater
  • General Contractor M.A. Mortenson
  • Size Approximately 250,000 SF

Read about the Martha Jefferson Hospital Parking Structure in the Winter 2015 issue of PCI’s Ascent magazine.