Tapestry Apartments Parking Structure

The Tapestry Apartments parking structure, located in Annapolis, Maryland, is a seven-level, 392- space, 206,390 SF precast garage with several unique design elements that required special consideration for SPG’s engineering, production, and erection of the 610 precast pieces. SPG served as a design-assist partner to Lennar Multifamily Communities, providing engineering guidance in the overall design of the structure, but with additional attention given to the two below-grade precast levels (precast retaining walls) and the rooftop amenity level with built-in swimming pool. Product design, in particular, demanded in-depth engineering for the bracing of walls, stair towers, and three double tee ramps per level in order to transfer the soil load from the two below-grade levels to the other side of the garage using the CIP topping slab and heavy connections. The rooftop amenity level features a workout area, yoga area, showers, and a 20’x40’ swimming pool sunk into the parking deck so that the top of the pool is level with the walking surface of the deck. Transfer of load was a significant design concern, and SPG used a combination of transfer beams and heavily loaded spandrels to support the additional loads imposed on the deck from both the amenity level and the two below-grade levels.

Project Details

  • Name Tapestry Apartments Parking Structure
  • Location Annapolis, MD
  • Owner Lennar Multifamily Communities
  • Architect Penney Design Group
  • General Contractor Lennar Construction
  • Size 206,390 SF