South Falls Towers and Garage by Shockey

The Perfect Partner for Multifamily Construction in Richmond and Beyond

With housing in high demand, Richmond and other major metropolitan areas are seeing an increase in multifamily construction. These critical projects add much-needed housing to the area and provide a home base that residents rely on for comfort and security.

Building owners and project managers understand the need for efficient, reliable construction materials and the need for a strong, versatile, energy-efficient end product. Total precast construction checks all the boxes, both during construction and throughout the life of the building.

From parking structures and entertainment venues to multifamily housing and mixed-use complexes, Shockey Precast provides comprehensive solutions and stands ready to assist with every phase of design and construction.

Project Spotlight: South Falls Tower in Richmond, Virginia

South Falls, a mixed-use development and luxury apartment building overlooking the James River in Richmond, makes excellent use of the benefits of precast construction. The initial phase of the project features a 14-story L-shaped building with 256 apartment units ranging in size from studio to three-bedroom layouts. This 224,968-square-foot tower was built with the MetroDeck Building System. The tower showcases an eye-catching white architectural finish on the exterior and a smooth, paint-ready finish on the interior.

The accompanying 91,164-square-foot total precast parking garage, also built using the MetroDeck Building System, is home to a rooftop amenity center that includes fitness facilities, a pool, a pavilion with a kitchen, grilling stations, and an outdoor seating area that incorporates technology features. At the ground level, 2,428 square feet of retail sit at the development’s entrance.

South Falls Towers and Garage by Shockey

This project includes MetroDeck floor and roof members along with eleven-inch load-bearing sandwich wall panels with continuous insulation. The use of Shockey Precast components resulted in a smooth construction phase and efficient use of the project’s budget and timeline. The end result is a durable, versatile structure with low maintenance costs as well as a luxurious home for the building’s residents.

This beautifully designed structure is the second project Shockey Precast has facilitated for WVS Companies LLC. We are proud to provide the precast components used in construction as well as design and logistics support in partnership with KBS Inc., Walter Parks Architect, and Speight, Marshall & Francis, P. C.

The MetroDeck Building System: Perfect for Multifamily Construction

Shockey Precast is proud to offer the MetroDeck Building System, a highly adaptable system of meticulously constructed components poured in a controlled environment. The system seamlessly incorporates the MetroDeck precast floor/ceiling system and our high-performance MetroMass CarbonCast insulated wall panels.

How Metrodeck System Works

Its robust combination of precast durability, fire resistance, integrated insulation, and a variety of architectural finishes makes the MetroDeck Building System the perfect choice for multifamily and mixed-use construction. The system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of unique projects, including those that blend residential spaces with retail, amenities, and parking.

Project owners who choose the MetroDeck System experience a range of advantages, including shorter project timelines, decreased construction costs, minimized risk, and considerable energy savings throughout the building’s lifespan.

Shockey Precast: Your Source for Precast Concrete Building Solutions in Richmond and Beyond

Shockey Precast delivers all the essentials for constructing a stunning, long-lasting, and efficient total precast concrete building, whether it’s located in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast or beyond. Whatever your project objectives, Shockey Precast ensures comprehensive support from the predesign phase through construction, helping maintain your project’s momentum throughout the entire process. Work with us from the start to maximize the effectiveness of design and construction through our specialized design-assist and design–build services tailored for your project and region.

In today’s high-demand housing climate, total precast construction presents a multitude of benefits, including cost-effective budgeting, swift building times, enhanced safety at the construction site, enduring structural strength, and significant operational cost reductions. Contact us to discover how precast concrete can help optimize your multifamily construction project.


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