Total Precast Solutions for Sustainable Data Center Construction

In the 21st century, particularly considering the effects of AI, data is the lifeblood of nearly every business, and the data center is the heart that ensures the seamless flow and accessibility of information. New data centers need to be constructed efficiently and without compromising security, flexibility, and structural integrity.

How can a data-centric organization safeguard its vital assets? Precast concrete shell construction is a tested method of building data centers that stand up to time, environmental hazards, everyday wear and tear, and both natural and unnatural disasters. Precast concrete shells are proven to protect the people and assets they hold and are well known for their cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Benefits of Total Precast Shells in Data Center Construction

Shockey Precast has been driving innovation in data center construction for decades. As an industry leader in precast concrete, we help the businesses that partner with us take full advantage of our time-tested expertise and all of the benefits precast concrete has to offer.

Ultra-customizable formulation: When building a data center shell, Shockey Precast customizes its precast concrete components, also known as the “kit-of-parts.”

Faster timelines: Shockey Precast’s controlled off-site environment allows us to achieve a compressive strength of 3,500 psi in just 8 hours of curing. That means components can be cured in as little as 5% of the time a traditional mix takes. The use of large, robust components means fewer pieces are needed to create a data center shell. With longer spans, fewer columns, and enhanced floor and roof loading, construction is faster. Supply chain issues are bypassed with critical path material purchasing. Even hyper-fast schedules become manageable due to key partnerships, optimized shift scheduling, and on-site staging.

More efficient budgets: Minimizing costs in data center construction without compromising on quality is a common goal; most organizations want to ensure that their data center design and construction costs are being used efficiently. Precast concrete brings significant savings over other types of construction, where budgets can quickly spiral out of control. Off-site manufacturing, lighter components, rapid erection, and efficient staging make predictable spending a reality.

Reduced operating costs for the life of the building: Precast is inherently low-maintenance and energy-efficient. By keeping the ambient temperature as close to the safe zone as possible, data center operators can save on energy costs while protecting the valuable equipment inside the data center.

Durability and security: Precast concrete shells are the ideal protective shield. They are robust, resistant to fire, resistant to external threats such as natural disasters, and provide maximum security for the people and assets inside the data center. They are resistant to everyday wear and tear, as well, and they last longer than structures built by other means.

Flexibility and room for growth: Data centers are generally designed with long, clear spans to get the most out of the space. To support large open areas, the shell walls must be extraordinarily strong. Moreover, data centers are constantly expanding and evolving; a structure that’s built to house equipment in one configuration can soon become obsolete. The strength of precast walls supports heavy equipment and lends itself to frequent configuration changes. It also allows for expansion and reorganization as needed.

Multi-level sustainability: Precast concrete is one of the most sustainable building options both during construction and as the building is in use. Off-site manufacturing reduces waste, and precast is an outstanding insulator. Our precast wall systems are engineered to meet stringent ASHRAE energy-efficiency requirements.

Aesthetic flexibility: The architectural finishes available from Shockey Precast allow ultimate flexibility in complementing existing structures while creating a pleasant aesthetic experience for the people who use and visit the building. A variety of colors, textures, and architectural elements and finishes are available.

Shockey Precast offers shells tailored to the unique requirements of each data center structure, ensuring optimal strength, durability, and energy efficiency. Contact us to discuss how we can help you create a data center that protects your assets and meets your specific needs.

How Shockey Manufactures Precast Concrete Components that are Ideal for Data Center Construction

Shockey Precast manufactures precast components for data centers in a controlled environment. This results in faster, more efficient manufacturing and delivery than on-site component construction. There’s also less material waste and less space needed at the construction site. Job site conditions are safer, as well.

Shockey Georgia Data Center

Shaping the Future: Advancing Data Center Construction

As the demand for digital services, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things continues to grow, the data center industry faces increasing pressures for speed, scale, and sustainability. Shockey Precast, with its comprehensive solutions, stands at the forefront of this evolution, ensuring that businesses have the best solutions available for constructing their precast concrete data centers.

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Build Your Data Center with Shockey Precast

Shockey Precast, a Metromont company, is a key player in the industry with a proven track record in precast concrete data center shell construction. With 91 all-precast data centers completed or under way, Metromont has built more than 21.5 million square feet of total precast data center shell space spanning across 13 states. These numbers only continue to grow due to the industry’s ever-increasing demand.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We offer budget and high-level test-fit studies, which serve as a valuable decision-making tool for owners, representatives, and A&E teams. We also offer assistance with budgeting, framing layouts, and alternative layouts, and we can provide 3D modelling to give you and other stakeholders a thorough understanding of what your project will look like.

We offer both design-assist and design-build services to ensure your project runs smoothly. Partnering with us early in your project will help prevent unwanted surprises and costly changes. Throughout the life of your project, we will maintain confidentiality and provide you with continual support, helping you leverage optimal design and quality materials within the budget and timeline that meets your goals.

As we continue to demand more from our virtual ecosystems, the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of physical data centers will be of paramount importance. Contact us to learn more about how you can build data centers that will do everything you need them to do for decades to come.


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