Getting the Most from Your Mixed Use Development with Precast Concrete

Getting the Most from Your Mixed Use Development with Precast Concrete

All over the United States, mixed-use developments are popular places to live, work, and shop. Owners and tenants benefit from the popularity of these beautiful, functional spaces. Residents and visitors enjoy a harmonious blend of convenience, comfort, and luxury.

Due to the unique demands on these developments, great care must be taken throughout the design/build process. Materials, design, and construction methods all affect the success of the project and the long-term success of the development.

Why Precast is the Best Choice for Mixed Use Developments

The benefits of precast construction for mixed-use developments begin in construction and continue through the life of the development. Here’s what owners and project managers can expect with precast construction.

Efficiency in Construction.

Precast concrete can be delivered to align with your construction schedule, so there’s no need to store components for long periods of time. Precast components can be staged efficiently and erected quickly—even on oddly shaped or difficult-to-access sites.

Reduced Maintenance Costs.

Mixed-use developments built with precast concrete last longer and require less structural maintenance than developments built with less-durable materials.

Energy Efficiency.

Precast concrete is naturally energy efficient, resulting in lower HVAC spending throughout the life of the building.

Aesthetic Flexibility.

Precast concrete is a canvas for architectural expression, offering a host of architectural finishes and design options. Buildings can be designed to complement existing architecture or to stand out as modern landmarks.


The needs of multi-use developments often change over time. Thanks to the strength of the structural walls, precast concrete can support layout changes over the life of the development.

Project Spotlight: 2825 South Office Building (Sedgefield Mixed-Use)

A prime example of precast concrete’s effectiveness in mixed-use developments is the Sedgefield Office Building in downtown Charlotte, NC. This project exemplifies both the practical utility and the aesthetic versatility of precast concrete, meeting the multifaceted needs of a vibrant urban environment.

This six-story Class A office building and retail space overlooks the downtown skyline and includes four floors of office space and two floors of retail space. An adjacent two-level parking garage provides more than 400 parking spaces for workers and visitors.

The exterior features architectural precast cladding in a design that pays homage to both the surrounding architecture and the industrial legacy of the region. A light gray block-shaped form liner, coupled with a sandblast finish, offers a refined, contemporary look that complements the neighboring multifamily buildings. The incorporation of four distinct hues of tumbled thin brick lends the building an age-old charm, evoking the image of a classic textile mill. This combination results in a harmonious blend of the new and the old.

Erected over a period of just six months, this project uses 237,725 square feet of structural precast concrete and architectural precast cladding. The office floors feature flexible floorplates, floor-to-ceiling glass windows along the perimeter, and balconies.

The short construction timeline, versatile nature of the various spaces, and aesthetic components are a testament to the advantages of precast concrete in mixed-use developments.

The Sedgefield Office Building was a collaboration with Metromont, Shockey Precast’s parent company. Together Shockey Precast and Metromont can provide precast concrete components, design-assist services, and design-build services throughout the Eastern United States.

Shockey Precast: The Best Solution for Mixed Use Developments

At Shockey Precast, we are revolutionizing mixed-use developments with our premium precast concrete solutions.

Recognizing the distinct design challenges of mixed-use projects, we offer unparalleled design flexibility, ensuring each structure aligns with the specific requirements of any development. Our precast concrete stands out with its high-end architectural finishes, seamlessly blending functionality with artistic design.

Of course, the benefits of working with Shockey Precast go well beyond aesthetics. Our team’s expertise guarantees sound advice and the highest quality components, ensuring safe and efficient implementation for every project. Shockey precast components are manufactured in a controlled environment and inspected to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Our attention to the smallest detail stems from our commitment to your project’s success.

Shockey Precast’s comprehensive solutions come with many benefits, including cost-effective budgeting, efficient building times, enduring structural strength, and significant savings in operational costs.

Contact us to discover how precast concrete can make your mixed-use development extraordinary.


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