Tapestry Annapolis Apartments Parking Structure

The Tapestry Annapolis Apartments Parking Structure, located in Annapolis, Maryland, is a seven-level, 392- space, 206,390 SF precast garage with several unique design elements that required special consideration for SPG’s engineering, production, and erection teams. SPG served as a design-assist partner to Lennar Multifamily Communities, providing engineering guidance in the overall design of the structure, but with additional attention given to the two below-grade precast levels (precast retaining walls) and the rooftop amenity level with built-in swimming pool.

Product design, in particular, demanded in-depth engineering for the bracing of walls, stair towers, and three double tee ramps per level in order to transfer the soil load from the two below-grade levels to the other side of the garage using the CIP topping slab and heavy connections. The Tapestry Annapolis Apartments Parking Structure rooftop amenity level features a workout area, yoga area, showers, and a 20’x40’ swimming pool sunk into the parking deck so that the top of the pool is level with the walking surface of the deck. Transfer of load was a significant design concern, and SPG used a combination of transfer beams and heavily loaded spandrels to support the additional loads imposed on the deck from both the amenity level and the two below-grade levels.

Tight site conditions created challenges in terms of site access for erection of the precast. The Tapestry Annapolis Apartments Parking Structure site confinements required SPG to use a large crane and counterweight wagon so the entire parking structure could be erected from one crane set-up. Ongoing communication and coordination by SPG’s Field Services department ensured smooth progression of precast erection and an overall successful project and satisfied owner. Precast erection began on October 18 and was completed on December 30. Finishing was completed at the end of February 2017.

Project Team

Owner: Lennar Multifamily Communities
Architect: Penney Design Group
General Contractor: Lennar Construction
Precaster: The Shockey Precast Group
Total SF: 206,390


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