Lifetime Fitness Gaithersburg Athletic Center & Parking Structure

The Lifetime Fitness Gaithersburg Athletic Center and Parking Structure are the latest projects in a series of athletic centers and parking structures SPG has constructed for Lifetime Fitness. SPG’s work for Lifetime has included athletic facilities and parking structures in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mt. Laurel, NJ; and Reston, VA. Additionally, SPG has provided precast for Lifetime facilities in Framingham, MA, King of Prussia, PA, and Fort Washington, PA.

For the Gaithersburg, MD project, SPG was contracted by Lifetime Fitness to manufacture and erect the precast structures designed by an outside engineering firm hired by Lifetime. Although the design of the parking structure was similar to the previous projects SPG had constructed for Lifetime, it was the first time SPG had worked with the engineering firm. With a new partnership came additional steps in the design process and adaptation by SPG engineering, production, and field ops to get to the final design.

The Lifetime Fitness Gaithersburg is a four-level garage providing 505 parking spaces for facility patrons.


The use of precast for both the fitness center and the parking structure offered the advantages of speed of delivery and uniformity of product. The three-level, 162,904 SF athletic center featured 568 precast components, including 111,745 SF of precast double tees. The exterior façade included two colors of thin-brick, as well as numerous architectural recesses and “bump outs” in the wall panels. Precast erection of the facility began on 12/23/15 and was completed on 3/23/16. The four-level, 172,826-SF parking structure provides 505 parking spaces for Lifetime Fitness employees and patrons. Construction of the parking structure included 402 precast components, including 127,078 SF of precast double tees. Precast erection of the parking structure began on 3/30/16 and was completed on 6/7/16. The facility opened at the end of October.

The precast panels on the Lifetime Gaithersburg Athletic Center feature an architectural thin-brick facade.


Overall, the Lifetime Fitness Gaithersburg Athletic Center and Parking Structure projects flowed with minimal delays or obstacles. SPG continues to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing processes; however, coordination with outside design engineering firms often presents unique challenges that require additional attention and communication particularly from SPG’s engineering department. SPG welcomes these challenges as opportunities to improve its processes and further refine our role as part of the project team.




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