Navy Federal Credit Union Parking Structure & Office Building

The Navy Federal Credit Union Parking Structure and Office Building project in Vienna, VA included design and construction of both an office building and a six-level parking structure with 1,062 spaces. Packaged as a single project, the office building and parking structure include shared features such as vertical brick, multiple finishes and colors, and architectural bands that protrude rather than recess. Although not technically a design/build project, Shockey’s engineering department and engineering consultant worked closely with the architect to give the structures the overall look envisioned by the architect. To overcome some of the design challenges and provide savings to Navy Federal Credit Union, SPG cast on some of the architectural features after the main part of the precast piece was poured rather than casting into the precast during the forming process.

The erection process offered its own challenges, with simultaneous erection of the office building during precast erection of the parking structure. The tight jobsite required additional coordination of field logistics, and created some complications for SPG’s normal bracing means and methods during erection. The size and odd shape of the fully-insulated precast wall panels for the office building made panel bearing, tie back, and erection particularly difficult, as nearly half of the office building was understructure. In an agreement with the architect and engineer, holes were provided through the cast-in-place concrete deck slabs so that SPG could erect its precast wall panels using a larger crane.

Design of the Navy Federal Credit Union office building included multiple colors and finishes and a vertical brick pattern shared with the parking structure, erected simultaneously with the office building.

SPG produced and erected 278,730 SF of precast double tees for the parking structure and 24,574 SF of insulated wall panels for the office building. Precast erection began on September 26, 2016 and completed April 14, 2017. Through clear and open communication and strong collaboration across the project team, SPG was able to deliver a project that satisfied both the architect’s vision and the owner’s needs and budget. The success of the project ultimately resulted in Navy Federal Credit Union negotiating their Winchester, VA parking structure project with SPG.




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