WMATA Andrews Federal Bus Facility

In 2015, Hensel Phelps Construction contracted The Shockey Precast Group to design and erect the WMATA Andrews Federal Bus Facility in District Heights, Maryland. The precast scope of work featured 112,000 SF of architectural precast, with an exterior façade that included ribbons of both brick and architectural mixes to match the design of other WMATA facilities. As part of the design team, Shockey used WMATA’s required specifications to design a non-composite panel with a 3” face wythe and a 6” back wythe, along with edge-to-edge insulation. The real challenge arose during precast erection, as many of the 45’ insulated precast panels had to be erected between existing structures. The task required pinpoint accuracy from SPG’s crane operator and panel setter in order to prevent the existing structure and the precast wall panels from being damaged during the erection process.

Pinpoint accuracy was required by SPG crane operator and setter to safely and successfully erect the 45’ precast wall panels between existing structures.

The precast played a vital role in the energy efficiency model of the project, as the insulated precast wall panels were designed to allow the facility to save on energy usage by efficiently absorbing outside heat and not allowing it to transfer to the interior of the building. Ultimately, the insulated precast wall panels will enable WMATA to save money on HVAC costs. SPG produced and erected 452 insulated precast wall panels for the WMATA Andrews Federal Bus Facility, including 12 spandrel components to clad a connector bridge, a total of 112,000 SF of architectural precast.

Setting the wall panel into place.

As with any project, the WMATA Andrews Federal Bus Facility presented its own set of unique challenges during the course of design, production, and construction. However, flexibility, communication, and consistency from all of the project team members helped to bring the project to successful completion on time, delivering to WMATA a facility that fulfilled the organization’s expectations in terms of both aesthetic vision and structural functionality.


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