Robotic Welder Helps SPG Reduce Schedules of Mission-Critical Projects

A new robotic welder in its steel shop is giving Shockey Precast a boost in meeting the fast-track construction schedules typical of many mission-critical projects. Currently used to produce the standard steel embed plates for SPG’s double tees, the robotic welder increases production speed, precision, and efficiency while maintaining the high standards of quality that have defined SPG for 60 years. The robotic welder performs at the equivalent of four human welders when operating at 100% capacity, and is designed so that it is always welding in one of two work zones. For Shockey’s mission-critical projects, the increase in production speed helps to shorten the overall time needed for precast production and erection. The reduced precast schedule often translates to a faster project construction schedule, and to important cost savings for the general contractor and owner. For The Shockey Precast Group, the robotic welder is an innovation that enables the company to continue to excel in quality and customer service, and to respond effectively to the unique needs of mission-critical projects such as data centers.

Recently, welder produced more than 200 heavy-duty chord connectors for the precast double tees on a confidential Northern Virginia data center project. Use of the robotic welder enabled plate production time to be cut in half, a savings critical to the overall precast schedule. According to SPG’s Engineering department, the robotic welder will eventually be used not only for the welding of chord connectors, but for bearing plates and the standard tee-to-wall connectors included in Shockey’s double tees. Precast data centers usually include large volumes of double tees, and Shockey’s robotic welder will continue as an important resource for the company in meeting the accelerated schedules common to mission-critical projects.


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