Architectural Features & Finishes

Beauty & Brawn

Say “precast concrete construction” and the last thing you probably think of is beautiful architecture or brute strength. But the real beauty of precast is that it offers both.

Precast concrete often gets cast (pun intended) as the material you use when you want to build a parking deck. Sure, precast is a great choice when designing and building a parking structure. But with custom architectural panels and finishes, precast is also a great fit for office buildings, schools, entertainment venues and almost any type of commercial or public building. And with our custom precast manufacturing process, you can achieve the look of high-end finishes for much less cost than traditional construction.


Architectural Finishes

For both architectural and structural precast concrete, it’s possible to create the look of hand laid masonry, granite, limestone, travertine and marble by varying aggregate and matrix colors, size of aggregates, finishing processes and depth of exposure.The final look requires lower maintenance and in most cases, is more sustainable than its traditional counterpart.


Architectural Precast Concrete

Architectural concrete provides aesthetics and structural capabilities in one. This material is made to be seen. And when we’re involved from the first stages of planning, we can create the look you want with the strength and functionality you need.