VAMC Philadelphia Parking Structure

Expansion of the VAMC Philadelphia parking structure demanded a tight construction schedule, and The Shockey Precast Group was awarded the project based on its ability to meet the owner’s schedule. Speed was a primary factor in the decision to use precast, as it minimized the time the existing parking deck would be shut down compared to the time required with other materials such as cast-in-place concrete or steel. The scope of work included removal of 27 pieces of precast from an existing stair tower for reuse, and the construction of a two-story addition (347 pieces of precast) to the existing parking structure. The original parking deck was built by another precaster, so Shockey faced the challenge of matching the addition to the existing structure. Shockey’s Quality Control department used local aggregate in its mix to create a façade that blended seamlessly with the original structure.

Project Details

  • Name VAMC Philadelphia Parking Structure
  • Location Philadelphia, PA
  • Owner Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Architect Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc.
  • General Contractor Daniel J. Keating Company