Temple University Health System Parking Structure

Located in the north section of Philadelphia, in a high-traffic area between an operating medical facility and a residential neighborhood, the Temple University Health System Parking Structure offered numerous construction challenges, including limited site access, a small project footprint, and a fast-track construction schedule. The Shockey Precast Group manufactured and transported a total of 576 pieces of precast, including 140,000 SF of double tees for the five-level parking structure. Due to the limited site access, Shockey leased a drop lot from Amtrak five blocks from the construction site. Shockey coordinated the precast erection, which was performed by union labor and required the use of a 440-ton crane set 20 feet below grade level to erect six of the nine bays. The crane was brought into the site using the speed ramp, and was lifted up from the hole by another crane upon completion of the first six bays. The remaining bays were erected using a hydraulic crane from the street outside the construction site.

Project Details

  • Name Temple University Health System Parking Structure
  • Location Philadelphia, PA
  • Owner Temple University
  • Architect Array Architects
  • General Contractor Shoemaker Construction Company
  • Engineer Timothy Haahs & Associates