Architects & Engineers

It’s more than you know.

You know design. But did you know that precast isn’t just for parking decks? If you can imagine it, chances are, Shockey Precast has built it. After all, we’ve been in the precast manufacturing business for 60 years. From architecturally featured parking decks to multi-level data centers and complex wall system projects, we know how to bring your vision to life in precast.

As a design-assist partner, we specialize in working with the project team at the earliest stages of design development. Early involvement means we can guide design choices that best serve your vision, as well as the financial and aesthetic needs of the owner.

In the past 10 years, we’ve published three precast design guides used by architects and engineers across the country to help them design precast parking decks and a variety of total precast structures from data centers to government buildings. Get your copy of our latest Parking Structure Design Guide here. Contact Shockey Precast today and let us bring our innovation, expertise, and experience to your next project.