The history of Shockey Precast began in 1896, when a master carpenter named Howard Shockey opened a wagon repair business in Winchester, Virginia. Howard’s reputation for integrity and quality construction soon built a thriving residential and commercial contracting business.

From General Contracting to Precast Concrete Manufacturing 

In the 1940s, Howard’s sons joined the business, and in 1947, the company became known as Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc. The company established a ready-mixed concrete operation, Crider & Shockey, Inc., in the 1940s (which was sold in 2008) and a precast concrete manufacturing division in the 1950s, known today as Shockey Precast. One of the first subcontractors to build precast parking structures in Virginia, Shockey Precast established itself as a leader in the construction of parking structures, data centers, sports facilities, and office buildings.

The Shockey Precast Group: Leader in Parking Structures, Mission Critical Facilities, Wall Enclosure Systems 

Over its 60 year history, Shockey Precast  has completed more than 3,500 precast projects throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, North Carolina, and Utah. Shockey Precast specializes in parking structures, mission-critical facilities, complex wall enclosure systems, and sports facilities. In 2013, Shockey Precast completed a $48 million confidential project in Utah, its largest project to date. In January 2018, Shockey precast was acquired by Metromont Corporation, headquartered in Greenville, SC.

As a Metromont company, Shockey Precast will continue to offer an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and erection of precast concrete.